Zillow relies on the idea of ​​”Zillow Surfing,” a consumer habit of using the site’s extensive list of content as a way to kill time and scroll through what’s still out there.

Zillow is quickly moving toward becoming more than a home search portal—and now it’s developing products for agents that deviate from the original ad campaign concept.

Part of this step is to capitalize on the idea.”Zillow Surfing,” the consumer habit of using a site’s extensive listings as a waste of time, a way to endlessly scroll through what else is out there.

To make the experience even more exciting, especially for those who really want to buy a home, Zillow has released its interactive, automatically generated floor plan nationwide service. They cause initiative, Zillow Surfing 2.0

“Zillow surfing has always been about imagining all the possibilities a step can bring, and Zillow surfing 2.0 brings those possibilities to life in a much more interactive and realistic way,” said Josh Weisberg, VP of Zillow’s Rich Media Experience team. statement. “Buyers can now act faster and more confidently, whether they’re searching in their area or hundreds or thousands of miles away.”

Zillow uses machine learning to not only create floor plans, but to import each listing photo and place it on the floor plan. Floor plans depend on the user using the company’s app, Zillow 3D Home.

After scanning a home for its visual, virtual tour, the app can also be configured to generate a floor plan that correlates directly to where the person “is” when scrolling through the listing. The program’s algorithms determine the dimensions of each scanned room, its location in relation to other scanned rooms, and its square footage.

There is no additional cost to create or publish a floor plan.

“An hour of teleporting through interactive floor plans on Zillow can replace an afternoon or longer of planning tours and driving around town to view homes in person,” the company said.

There’s no denying the rapid growth of digital tour content. As the accuracy and ease of generation grew, so did consumer expectations to see such content when shopping online for the home. It is not difficult to connect such trends with the fact that TikTok and YouTube are the leading search engines. People want to learn from interactive, dynamic content, and the more listing agents can provide, the better their chances of winning a showing.

Few companies have the ability to scale this kind of content, and Zillow is one of them.

Research by Zillow finds that more than half (56 percent) of buyers believe they have spent time looking at homes that the layout would have helped them avoid. Nearly 74 percent agree that a dynamic floor plan helps them determine if a home is right for them.

Floor plans are automatically uploaded to listing pages on Zillow and Krasnoperka, according to the company. They can be imported to MLS pages, brokerage sites, and posted to social media accounts.

Floor planning tools are becoming increasingly popular as software for brokerages and their marketing teams. They can be used for design work, planning renovations, staging and even requesting appraisers and inspectors.

Zillow began rolling out Floor Plan in June, making the tool available in limited markets. It is now available to all users of its 3D Home app across the country.

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