Non-opioid tranquilizer for animals, for which there is there is no antidote mixes in michigan street drugs, which it already does lethal delivery is more dangerousaccording to toxicologists and researchers.

Xylazine, a fast-acting central nervous system depressant that is not approved for human use, is primarily found in fentanyl, a highly potent synthetic opioid that is mixed with heroin and pressed into counterfeit pills and is responsible for more overdose deaths than any other drug. Adding xylazine to fentanyl, which is also a depressant, increases the already high chance of overdose. This is a double whammy on the central nervous system. It “must be avoided at all costs,” said UCLA researcher Joseph Friedman, who has studied the drug extensively.

In Michigan, xylazine has been found in toxicology tests on nearly 200 people who have died of drug overdoses since 2019, said Varun Vohra, director of the Michigan Poison and Drug Information Center at Wayne State University in Detroit.

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