KALAMAZOO, Mich. β€” Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving at home or somewhere else, one local university says there’s a lot to be thankful for.

Western Michigan University’s campus looked like a ghost town Thursday. Not a single creature moved, not even a mouse, but a few students remained in the heart of the campus.

“I was actually working,” Amanda Jean-Louis, a graduate student at the university, told FOX 17.

She said she misses her family living in New York: β€œIt’s usually me and my mom in the kitchen, my sister too. I usually bake pies. This is my favorite thing.”

Although she wishes she could cook Haitian food for the celebration at home, she won’t be alone.

“My boyfriend, whom I have been with for two years, he came to visit me for this holiday,” she said. “He suggested that I not stay even five minutes.”

While some students couldn’t go home because of work, things are a little more difficult for others.

“I can’t go home,” said Liaza, a graduate student. Since there is a war going on in his country, Myanmar (Burma), it is difficult for him to be with his family.

Thanksgiving is an emotional day for him as he misses his family a lot.

But, like Jasmine, he is grateful that he will not spend the holiday alone.

“The love and kindness I receive from my American friends means everything to me,” he said.

He told FOX 17 he will celebrate the holiday with friends. He plans to bring a traditional dish for lunch – a small piece of homemade.

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