Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – One person was killed today in a morning shooting on the south side of Lansing. Lansing police are investigating – witnesses remained to gather together what happened.

This morning around 8:00 the police responded to the shooting in the 2000 quarter on Teel Avenue. An employee of a nearby flooring store had just walked into his office when the victim came in asking for help. “The guy came in and shouted. I looked up and all I saw was a guy, all bloodied. I think he was shot in the ribs and probably came out of the abdomen or near the chest, “said witness Farid Dahud.

Dahud had just started working at a flooring store on the 100th block of East Mount Hope Avenue when a 43-year-old man asked for help after he was shot.

«[I] Got out, called the police. He had a pocket knife, threw it in the trash. And even 3 minutes later the police appeared, that’s all, ”Dahud said

Upon arrival, police provided first aid to the victim while they waited for an ambulance.

As soon as the police took over the case, Dahud left the store. He said it was the first time he had seen something like it.

“It’s crazy, you know? You wake up in the morning and do it all … it started to happen. The guy literally came in here. He was literally wearing only socks. He had a jacket in his hand, which I didn’t particularly think about, whether he had a weapon or something; the guy fired, ”Dahud said.

Other officers went to the 2000 quarter of Teel Avenue. Where a 42-year-old woman was detained at the residence.

It is believed that the victim was from the same house.

Neighbors, such as John Miller, were surprised when they started the morning with Lansing police cars and a mobile crime lab right down the road.

«[I] wrote to my wife and said they were there. A few minutes later, she sent me a message that she had heard on Facebook that it was apparently a pet that had become fatal, ”Miller said.

The victim died of his injuries today at about 12.30.

Despite the morning events, Miller says the streets are usually pretty quiet.

“I wouldn’t say we’re friendly, but we’re friendly to each other. You know someone needs help, you extend a helping hand, ”Miller said.

Police have not yet disclosed the names of the victim, the woman and any details of what caused the shooting.

Investigators say it may be related to a domestic dispute.

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