Vita Chirka and Adam Strozhynsky, two employees of Sport Illustrated / All Lions, discuss interseasonal topics in this week’s version of the Lions roundtable.

This year the Lions have been pretty quiet in a free agency. Was this the right decision?

Chirco: I think there were free agents with whom the Lions could / should have signed, such as Marcus Williams of New Orleans Saints security and Atlanta Falcons linebacker Foyesad Oluokun.

However, on a large scale, I think Brad Holmes and the Detroit front office acted financially wisely, choosing not to hand out any serious contracts.

Holmes & Co. understand that the team is not likely to be a contender for the playoffs in 2022. So far it is best to build through draft and with a series of insightful steps (i.e. translate DJ Chark for one -year, prove-this is the case).

This is the approach to creating a list that the organization has adopted now, and you can consider me a supporter.

Strozhynsky: It seems that Brad Holmes and company have a game plan, and now this list is not ready to win. They know it. They seem to add nuts and bolts and accompany their deals for one to two years to make a list. If it works, then the answer is obvious. I think this has a chance of success. So yes, the right call.

How worried are you about the injury history of the new DJ Chark Jr.?

Wide receiver Jacksonville Jaguars DJ Chark Jr. (17) warms up on the field before the NFL football game against Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday, September 30, 2021, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo / Zach Bolinger)

Chirco: I think it’s worrying that Chark is never fit for a full NFL season. He has also played in just 17 games in the last two seasons, including just four in 2021.

However, in the big scheme of things, it was only signed for a one-year contract that alleviates much of the worry (at least for me). If Holmes had connected the former Jaguars to a long-term deal, it would have been a whole different story.

Strozhynsky: With the contract he signed, I’m not at all. I really love this signature.

If he goes back to his Pro Bowl game a few years ago, it’s a theft. If he comes lame, it’s nothing to deal with and you move on. It’s incredibly smart on the part of Holmes and protects the Lions.

If you were GM Lions Brad Holmes, which two more players would you add to the list?

Chirco: I’d like Holmes to make a serious push for Hayden Hearst’s tight end and corner defender Levi Wallace.

Hearst signed a one-year, $ 3,500,000 million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals, and Wallace signed a two-year, $ 8 million contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Hearst would be a good number 2 tight end after starter TJ Hawkinson, and Wallace would be a solid chunk of depth for Detroit’s defensive back.

And most importantly, both could be cheap additions for the Lions front office.

Strozhynsky: Marcus Williams ’security would have been a good addition, but the price for many guys was a bit high with what was the Lions’ bankroll. Also, Chandler Jones would be a good fit. But then again, the contract was a problem and he’s on the other side of 30. I think Holmes is pretty well versed in this market.

With which team do the Lions have the best chance of changing in this year’s draft?

Chirco: I’m going to go with the NY Giants.

In total, they have nine elections in the draft, including five in the top 100 and two in the top 10 (№ 5 overall and № 7 overall).

Shouts to me that if Holmes & Co. were really motivated to leave the place № 2, they could with the help of Giants.

And after that in New York it would be much better to land with the much-coveted offensive selection in Alabama by Evan Nile.

Strozhynsky: There are so many teams that could become possible trading partners because they have multiple choices in the first round this year and next.

At first I lean towards Jets, Giants or Eagles. Also, all of these teams are leaning towards defense and favor. If I had to choose one of them, I would choose the Jets. In the first two rounds of this draft they have a lot of draft capital, and getting a dynamic EDGE rasher will help this defense and play towards Robert Saleh.

How crazy is it that Dashon Watson landed with Cleveland Brown? Should the Lions have made a more serious push?

Chirco: I think this is a potential recipe for disaster for the Browns.

I understand that the grand jury decided not to charge Watson with ambiguous charges of sexual assault and misconduct. However, he still has 22 civil lawsuits pending, and the league could be suspended at any time.

So to sign a contract with him that guarantees him $ 230 million over five years, I find irresponsible on the part of the Browns.

And yes, I know on the field he is a quarterback MVP who can make any NFL franchise much better.

However, I’m still glad the Lions decided not to participate in Watson’s tote.

Strozhynsky: Cleveland gave up the tone for Watson. I don’t think Detroit is able to part with that draft capital, and I don’t feel it was convenient for the Lions to give that kind of money to a player who has luggage worn by Watson. I think it would have been different if they were on the verge of victory, but they are a year or two away from those expectations.

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