Adam Strozhynsky and Vita Chirka, two Sports Illustrated / All Lions staff discuss the Detroit Lions face in the latest version of the Lions Roundtable

1.) What is your reaction to the fact that Jason Cabinda re-signed a two-year deal?

Strozhynsky: Honestly, Cabinda is the part that teams that are willing to win prefer. The extreme defender is not the figure you give priority to in perestroika.

Detroit Lyons winger Jason Cabinda (45) is leaving the field ahead of the NFL football game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, December 26, 2021, in Atlanta. The Atlanta Falcons won 20-16. (AP Photo / Danny Karnik)

Chirco: For me, it doesn’t really move the needle. This is Dan Campbell rewarding one of his favorite players.

Cabinda, on all sides, is great for culture. But the Lions would also be fine without him on their list in 2022.

2.) How would you improve the depth in the Lions list?

Strozhynsky: I don’t think you’re fixing that in one offseason. However, instead you add guys to the April NFL draft and through a free agency who are good and they compete with last year’s talent. And next year will be the same process.

The cream will rise to the top. As a team, you must have parts to complete this list at all levels.

Chirco: Build through project and free agency. So do the best teams.

Of course, you’re not going to build extraordinary depth in just one off-season, especially if your list is just as exhausted as the Lions are now.

That’s why Detroit fans should look at it as a gradual buildup of talent.

You can purchase many quality depth items in the middle and last rounds for a few drafts.

For me, this, along with some insightful free agent pickups, is the best way to add the necessary depth to the team list.

3.) What is the ceiling for Amon-Ra St. Brown?

Strozhynsky: Wes Welker. He was a guy who could do anything, but primarily acted outside the slot. I see that St. Brown is the one who wants to do everything, Swiss Army Knives. You just have to get the ball in his hands. I his abilities lead to the Pro Bowl or two and possibly the emergence of the All-Pro.

Chirco: I think it will be a high-end slot receiver that can terrorize defense in the middle of the field.

Of course, it is very unlikely that he will be able to dominate the opposition on a weekly basis (especially now that the defense knows about him), as he has done over the last six weeks of the 2021 season.

However, at the moment, I think both fans and experts expect the USC product to become a reliable, best target in the Lions ’belt game in 2022 and beyond.

4.) Explain why the Lions should stay in 2nd place this year and not trade.

Strozhynsky: You need talented, showy guys, and in number 2 you can choose the litter. This is where you can add the best player in the draft, which is what this team needs. By staying in two, you’ll be able to capture a super-talented player to build it over the next five years.

Chirco: For me, it’s because of two names that may be available with a choice: Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan and Cavon Tibado of Oregon.

I think it will be hard for Detroit to miss the chance to take advantage of either of the two potential talents of the generation.

And the Lions would be foolish to do so, especially considering how anemic their passes have been over the past few seasons.

5.) Is Matthew Stafford a member of the Hall of Fame?

Strozhynsky: No, it’s so funny to me. The guy is a good defender, but he is not elite and is not even in the top five defenders of the league.

However, he will have the opportunity to replenish his legacy and in the future he may become a member of the Hall of Fame. However, now he is not.

Chirco: Not at all, Jose. And to me it’s almost funny, as is Adam.

I don’t hate Stafford, and I believe he respected the man much more than “average Joe” for what he did for 12 seasons at Motor City.

He is also arguably the best defender ever suitable for the Lions. And this is confirmed by the figures.

However, one race for the Super Cup does not suddenly make him a member of the Hall of Fame of professional football. Remember, the guy has never won a single playoff game while with the Lions.

Of course, he deserves to be involved in the consolidation debate because of the statistics he has accumulated over the years. But I believe he needs to lift another Lombardi trophy before he gets a bust in Canton.

And, boy, if he had once returned to Detroit and led the organization to its first ever franchise performance at the Super Bowl, one could bet that the Stafford Speech House would become a member of the Hall of Fame.

6.) Drunk Matthew Stafford Cheerful Matthew Stafford. Why are the defenders of Lviv so sad and closed in public?

Strozhynsky: The loss affects you, and this organization is buttoned up and sad. Why do you expect the defender to be different?

Chirco: I think because the Lions organization was uncreative and non-innovative, so long losing the franchise. Thus, the defenders used by Detroit adopted the methods of organization and then became as uninspiring as the team.

If the franchise ever starts to win on an ongoing basis, I think you’ll see noticeable changes in the mood and persona of the starting QB team.

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