LANSING, Michigan. — Just after a convincing victory in the re-election in one of the main states of the country, the governor of the Democratic Party of Michigan. Gretchen Whitmer says that she will focus on her position and will not give rise to speculation that she may run for president in the future.

In an interview with The Associated Press just over a week after winning a second term, Whitmer insisted she “never had any interest in going to D.C.” and said she would “be here for another four years.”

Whitmer did not directly rule out running for president in the future. She also plans to travel to Washington in the coming weeks to discuss her state’s priorities. But the governor also said he was trying to dispel questions about whether she would make a bid in 2024: “It’s just a practical decision. I just won re-election. This is the job I want.”

“All my attention is focused on Michigan State,” Whitmer said Thursday.

A rising star in her party, Whitmer, 51, has proven she can win tough races in one of the states that has become one of the most critical in the presidential election since 2016. Whitmer is often mentioned as a future candidate for the White House, especially when President Joe Biden decided not to run for a second term.

The governor said she has been approached before about running for Congress or other federal office, but said “anyone familiar with my career” knows “I’ve never been interested in going to D.C.. I love state government. »

Biden turns 80 on Sunday and has said he plans to run for re-election, although he has yet to officially announce his bid. Former President Donald Trump began his third campaign for the White House with a speech at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida on Tuesday.

Michigan has played “a big role in the national election and voice, and I think that’s a good thing,” Whitmer said. She did not watch Trump’s statement, and while Biden called her after the election, he only briefly congratulated her and did not touch on other topics, Whitmer said.

“I’ve already said that President Biden says he’s going to run again. If he runs again, he will have my support,” she said. “That’s it.”

Whitmer defeated Republican Tudor Dixon, which was endorsed by Trumpup a comfortable 11 points over the past week by-elections. Two years ago, Biden won the state by only about 3 percentage points.

Michigan voters, too approved referendum amending the state constitution to protect abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Democrats won majorities in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature, giving the party total control of the body for the first time since 1984. Whitmer said she would work with state lawmakers to codify same-sex marriage rights statewide and repeal the 1931 law entirely. the abortion ban that a midterm referendum tried to invalidate.

“We need to get the old laws off the books,” she said, adding of the 1931 law, “It’s not in effect now. But we don’t want it to ever be in danger of coming back alive.”

Whitmer called Michigan a safe haven for abortions and said patients come from neighboring red states, including Ohio and Indiana, for the procedure. The governor said her state’s protection of abortion rights could even attract new residents. This is especially important after Michigan lost a seat in Congress this cycle because its population, while growing, has not kept pace with other developing states.

“There are a lot of businesses in anti-choice states — that have tough laws — that have vowed not to continue investing there. They should move to Michigan,” Whitmer said. “Just like any young person who graduates.”

Four people are charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping Whitmer in 2020 — when she became the national face of restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus — pleaded guilty or was convicted by a federal jury. Three others linked to the scheme were convicted in state court in October.

Whitmer said the threat against her was downplayed compared to the arrest last summer of someone outside the home of Superior Court Judge Brett Kavanagh, and “maybe there’s a gender factor.”

The suspect in the case “turned himself in, and it was solved as a murder conspiracy,” she said. “In Michigan, we had more than a dozen people, training for several months, watching my cottage, conducting drills on how to shoot me. And it was covered as a kidnapping conspiracy.”

“It’s amazing when you think about how many people were involved, how many months it took and how long they took to execute their plan, and how big it was handled,” Whitmer said. “Is it because I’m a woman? Is it because I’m a Democrat? I don’t know. But that’s different, and it’s wrong.”

During the intermediate race, Dixon became the champion Trump’s lie about the gloomy presidential elections of 2020 a massive fraud that didn’t happen.

Whitmer noted Thursday that Dixon urged her to step down after the election, which was “important” and “gracious of her.” But she also said some Republican lawmakers attended the same rallies protesting the 2020 election results and the COVID restrictions as those in her kidnapping plot.

“And yet I still need to make a budget. I still need to make an agreement,” she said. “So there’s no room for my feelings to interfere.”

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