(WXYZ) – The first marijuana store is due to open later this month in Hazel Park.

on the topic: The first cannabis cannabis hall in Michigan has been approved in Hazel Park

The Hotbox Social will start with private events and then open to the public later this year.

It is the first of its kind to receive a state permit for which users can recreationally light or smoke a bong.

But there’s a catch: you can’t bring your own stash yet.

“We can accept supplies from any retailer in the area. In fact, we don’t sell here,” CIO told Trucenta Nowfal Akash. “Delivery drivers show up and keep the transaction inside where it’s safe.”

Experts will also be on hand to train those who are new users.

“The FDA has a definite recommendation of 5 mg as the starting dose. We want to cut it in half and probably float around the 2-2.5 mg range for those who are new to being safe, ”Akash said.

Michigan is now the seventh state to allow these lounges.

“We saw the need for social consumption to be done responsibly,” said Andrew Brisba, Michigan’s chief cannabis regulator. “We can ensure the safety of employees working in such institutions.”

There are many rules for these lounges, including an adequate ventilation system.

“So this room has a lot of ventilation, and if we turn it off, you can easily heat this room with 5 people,” Akash said. “In the cannabis community, you can challenge cannabis users to a hotbox.”

You can also keep your bong or stash in lockers.

The whole salon can accommodate up to 200 people.

“If there’s a bar where you can have a drink, there should be a bar where you can smoke,” Keith Conrad said. He lives next door.

“I don’t think you know it’s going to be any more annoying than your neighborhood bar.”

Hotbox Social is located on Tucker and John R.

At the moment they don’t know if they will pay for the use of the space, but they will open a kitchen where food will be offered.

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