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SPRINGFIELD, MIA (KOLR / KOZL) – With the onset of Valentine’s Day, you may want to think about buying flowers for a loved one.

Finding the right bouquet can be difficult. Also, given the cost, quantity and accessibilityperhaps you are also considering the meaning of types and colors of colors.

For example, red roses symbolize love and desire. Roses come in different colors, and each has its own meaning. According to Almanac.comhere’s what each rose color means:

  • White: purity, innocence, respect, a new beginning, a new beginning
  • Red: I love you, I love you
  • Deep, dark crimson rose: mourning
  • Pink: please, happiness, tenderness
  • Yellow: jealousy, infidelity
  • Orange: desire, enthusiasm
  • Lavender: love at first sight
  • Coral: friendship, modesty, sympathy

However, not everyone agrees with these definitions. For example, many say that yellow roses symbolize friendship.

Other flowers have different meanings: carnations can represent charm or feminine love.

When it comes to tulips, the reds can represent passion or a declaration of love. Yellow tulips can symbolize “the sun in your smile”.

Sunflowers symbolize loyalty. Daffodils can represent unsurpassed love. Calendula can represent grief or jealousy. Chamomiles can represent innocence and true love.

This becomes even more confusing when you consider that each flower can have a different meaning depending on what knowledge you are listening to.

KOLR of Nexstar spoke to several florists, and most agreed that you better choose what you think your valentine will like rather than focus on the value of each type or color.

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