DETROIT – Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most effective online marketing tools today. With the right approach, it attracts traffic, increases sales, makes the brand recognizable. And for all of this to happen, you need to make sure that your profile is relevant to the search algorithms.

Instagram is basically the Internet in miniature. Just like Google, the strongest wins in search! To be the first, your content must generate user engagement. Of course, you have to follow some rules to be successful, and in this article we have collected 7 of them.

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What is SEO for Instagram?

Here is an obvious fact. Instagram SEO is basically the same as Online SEO, and you’ve probably heard a lot about it. This is a set of measures that bring the profile higher in search queries. Simply put, the content must meet the requirements of the search platform. why? The system then rates the account as reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, it displays it in the first position when it returns the results.

Here is an example. We all look forward to Halloween. Let’s enter this word into the search! We now have accounts for makeup artists, holiday decor makers and quest room organizers. Most of the accounts that made it to the first page of search results applied Instagram SEO rules. So what are their goals?

The first is sales, of course! On Instagram, users quickly find reviews and comments, not to mention contacting a business directly. Second, it’s a way to attract a cold audience. These are people who have never heard of you before, so we can create great connections if they find you on their own and decide to contact you.

Optimize your @

Username is really the foundation! People use it to find you, which makes it easier for them to find you. Your nickname should:

  • Be easy to read and remember;
  • Be easy to type;
  • Match the brand;
  • Do not contain a large number of numbers and symbols.

If you have other social platforms for your business, we recommend that you use the same nickname on all social networks. These rules are followed by the world’s leading companies. Look: Mercedes-Benz ditched the hyphen and called the profile “mercedesbenz.” The same applies to “jnj” (Johnson & Johnson).

Profile description optimization

When working on your About Me section, present your information in a nice but concise way. You have 150 characters (with spaces) to tell a potential subscriber who you are, what you offer, and why they should follow you.

Please note that this is the only section of the Instagram profile that is indexed by search engines. Therefore, the description should be informative, rich in meaning, as well as logical and short.

Image optimization

Instagram SEO is primarily image optimization. Images must be unique and of high quality. Most likely, in the composition of yours content strategy, you do everything to make them wonderful! Of course, the algorithms consider photos taken with a good camera to be more relevant. And if you can edit them well too, then you’re doing great! As for other requirements, the image resolution must be between 320 and 1080 pixels and the file size must not exceed 30 MB.

Don’t forget the ALT text

ALT text is text that is an alternative to an image. It contains a detailed description of what is depicted in the photo. Initially, the option was intended for people with visual impairments, but then it became a marketing thing. why? A large number of keywords can be included there. In addition, the social network automatically places images with ALT text above others.

To use this option, look for “write alt text” in advanced settings. It is available for both new and old photos in the feed.

Use hashtags wisely

SEO optimization of Instagram posts is based on the following principles. The main body of content below the photo contains the most important key query. This is followed by hashtags with additional keys that are listed below the post.

Well, hashtags aren’t the most effective tool these days, but they still have potential. The correct use of hashtags allows you to get an additional influx of followers. And here’s what you should do:

  • Focus on niche leader tags;
  • Rely on hashtags that your target audience uses;
  • Experiment with new ones, but don’t overdo it;
  • Create your own hashtags.

Be active in posts and stories

The more your profile appears in other people’s feeds, the better for SEO. Especially if you are mentioned by popular profiles with high traffic. We do not recommend you to collaborate with world-famous bloggers (this, of course, requires huge resources), but rather micro-influencers with higher participation rates. Their audience trusts them and therefore will likely trust you too!

Generally, successful SEO requires regular activity. If you can’t post often, focus on stories. The main thing is to do it harmoniously. Keep the stories logical and consistent so that it is easier for the person to understand your main message. Find a balance between entertainment, education and advertising and people will be happy to follow you!

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Don’t break the community rules

Instagram has some rules you shouldn’t break if you don’t want to get shadow banned. For example, you may not post someone else’s content without the author’s permission. But still, you can use photos from free promotions, which are completely available. In addition, the content must not encourage aggression, terrorism or other violations of the law.

In addition to general rules, there are unspoken ones. There is no exact information about them, but in practice you can get banned for the following actions:

Suspicious activity. A large number of likes, subscriptions and comments can be considered cheating by algorithms. So you have to be careful with bots and likes;

  • Sending the same messages and posting the same comments. The content must be unique, and the description for each post as well;
  • Frequent change of IP address. This happens when there are many third-party services connected to the account. Of course, it can be convenient for businesses to have multiple executives accessing the page. But it is better to reduce the amount of software to the minimum necessary;
  • Account complaints. Any user can click “Leave a complaint” and if the complaint is valid, the profile will be banned. This leads to the need to contact technical support and prove your innocence.

To wrap it up

Instagram SEO is a free way to attract more target audience and increase conversion. In terms of effectiveness, the tool is inferior to paid advertising, but, nevertheless, it certainly brings a long-term effect. With thoughtful and well-planned actions, you can stay ahead of competitors who don’t follow the above tips. So, don’t miss your chance and let potential followers find you in literally two options.

Article by Lily Greenwood

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