Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – As people prepare for the slow transition to spring weather, it’s important to ensure your home is ready for the warmer months.

We could all be prepared for the warm weather that spring offers, but there is another, not very sunny side of spring.

The side that brings strong thunderstorms and floods to mid-Michigan.

While you may be ready to deal with this, your home?

Aris Papadopoulos, founder of the Resilience Action Fund, says spring should be a time when you’re thinking about how to keep your home safe, especially if you’re planning some repairs.

“There may be other things you want to put your dollars on to renovate, but I would give priority to those things that keep you and your family safe in your home, no matter what happens on the street,” he said. Papadopoulos. “That’s why we call it a shelter so we can feel protected and protected.”

Usually people plan repairs in the spring and summer, so maybe you have a wish list that will soon turn into a to-do list.

But when trying to figure out exactly what to add to your to-do list, don’t just look for things that could be damaged inside your home.

Look outside and inside the house, see which appliances can be damaged and which can be slightly raised.

As for things like your device for ventilation, air conditioning or AC and any electrical outlets, Papadopoulos says that if they are less than 2 feet above the ground, they are at risk of damage.

And for homeowners around the world, be sure to clean gutters and storm drains and check them for damage that could have occurred during the winter season.

Prune any shrubs or trees that may be near power lines on your property.

If you didn’t know spring is a good time to change your AC filter and check to see if you need to maintain your ventilation and air conditioning system, because even though Michigan’s harsh winter is over, spring still has some dangers we need to keep in mind.

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