And we’re always looking for the next generous person to join our team.

So what kind of generosity are we talking about?

Here are some of the different kinds of generosity we expect from each member of our team.

  • Generosity is how we support customers and colleagues.
  • Generosity with our attitude and the way we communicate.
  • Generosity with our willingness to share ideas and solve problems.
  • And generosity is how we maintain relationships and build trust.

When generosity is combined with humility, effort and teamwork…

The results can be incredibly life-changing, but in subtle and subtle ways. When we surround ourselves with generous, hardworking and humble people, we surround ourselves with people who create good habits and positive attitudes for us. By default, we become teachers and role models for each other. So as long as we remain capable of learning, it means we are constantly growing to become a more creative, more resilient and more productive team.

If it is a type career environment that resonates with you, then we’d love to hear from you. Please refer to Ann or Dan for coffee and conversation. We’d love to learn more about what makes you tick and help you explore a career in real estate.

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