Imagine: this is 2014. Zane has yet to leave One Direction, Vine is still kicking, and “Shake It Off” Taylor Swift is constantly on the radio. However, I just got back from school and look forward to unlocking my fourth-generation iPod touch and opening the Wattpad app to see if a new section of my favorite story has been downloaded. (Despite some previous exaggeration to set the mood, part of the iPod is true – my mom wouldn’t let me get a phone until I was 13.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Wattpad, you’re either living under a rock or probably an ordinary person. If you, like me, and at 12 were crazy about bands and desperate to get a Tumblr-style high school experience, you understand this phenomenon.

Wattpad is a free and highly interactive online reading and writing platform that creates a community between content creators and readers. Users can interact directly with the creators by commenting on the story, and in turn, the creators receive immediate feedback, section by section, and are encouraged to continue writing. It is every reader’s dream to discuss the subtleties of the story, the motivations of the characters and the development of the plot with the authors of their favorite books. With Wattpad this dream is possible.

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