(WXYZ) – Crews are at the scene after a pipeline rupture near US-23 and Center Road in Tyrone on Wednesday morning.

The rupture of the gas pipeline near Fentan was recorded on video surveillance cameras

People in the area reported on social media that they heard a loud explosion this morning.

Photo courtesy of Casey Gilbert

US-23 was closed for several hours in both directions before reopening.

“They cleaned the natural gas pipe. The earth began to shake. He rushed to flee and he just exploded. 50 feet in the air. He shook the whole building and blew up the old 23, ”said Rick Richardson of Woody’s Towing.

Photo courtesy of MSP

Consumers Energy says there are no reports of fires or casualties.

US-23 closed in both directions near Fentan as Consumers Energy investigates pipeline break

Video: Randy Pierce

“The loud sound heard earlier is the result of a clear break in the transmission line,” said a spokesman.

We are told that the service is not interrupted and does not threaten society.

Consumers Energy is expected to provide additional updates later today.

“Fortunately, it didn’t catch fire. Pretty crazy. We are waiting for a call to clear the road, but have not yet received a call, ”Richardson said.

Fenton Twp. The fire chief says people can safely leave their homes now after they were originally told to stay put. We have been told that gas is no longer leaking and anyone who has damaged a house or vehicle must file a report.

The old US 23 is also open for traffic.

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