For George Lopez, the key to success for Hispanic and Latino business owners is quite simple: They must learn to ask for — and accept — help so that their businesses can grow.

Actor, author and philanthropist George Lopez participated in a virtual roundtable hosted by Intuit QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mailchimp. The Unidos We Grow: How Culture and Community Drive Growth panel discussion featured personal and candid conversations about the important role of culture and community in achieving personal and professional growth goals.

To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, Intuit brought together an all-star lineup of Latino artists, entrepreneurs and financial experts, including Lopez, Soledad O’Brien (journalist, prize-winner, entrepreneur and presenter of the program “The Matter in Reality”). Cathy Cano-Murillo (creative entrepreneur and author, CEO of Crafty Chica). Britney Castro (Creative entrepreneur and author, CEO Smart Chika LLC). Andres de Oliveira (famous chef).

“Being able to ask someone for help is considered a weakness in our culture,” Lopez said. – …And many times, when you see how other people succeed in what you were uncomfortable doing, we limited ourselves and we hurt ourselves. So we can’t be afraid to say, ‘I need help,'” Lopez said.

Throughout the event, Lopez shared his business ideas with the same vulnerability and honesty as the truth bombs he drops in his stand-up comedy routine.

It should be noted that Americans with roots in Latin America and Spain have many ways to describe themselves, including country-specific identifiers and ethnic-wide terms such as Hispanic, Hispanic, Latin American, and the new term Latinx. In this article, we use “Hispanic” and “Hispanic” to describe this diverse community.

Lopez and other Latinos/Latinas shared hard-earned business advice as well as stories of the extraordinary support they’ve received from their communities. The conversation itself was a way of unification Latinos and Hispanic entrepreneurs and those who dream of building their own business.

Up to 4 million Latinos in the US want to start a new businessaccording to research published by QuickBooks in June.

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