When Dr. Marcus Jarbo, director of pediatric minimally invasive surgery at CS Mott Children’s Hospital, approached the Detroit Zoo to perform therapeutic surgery on a newborn chimpanzee, he took the opportunity to cure an unconventional patient.

A premature chimpanzee named Zane has evolved inguinal hernia – painful bulge of tissue developing in the groin area – five weeks after his birth, in January 2020. For unknown reasons, Zayn’s mother showed no interest in her newborn, so a team of caregivers began taking additional taking care of Zane in the first weeks. After Dr. Ann Duncan, director of the Detroit Zoo Health Department, and the team discovered Zane’s inguinal hernia, they turned to Mott for help.

“Chimpanzee anatomy and human anatomy are very similar and the equipment needed for newborn patients is specialized, “Duncan wrote in an email to The Michigan Daily.” For these reasons, we contacted a pediatric surgeon who has experience in noninvasive laparoscopic recovery techniques. ”

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