Fifth annual Marks colloquium On March 10, faculty, alumni, and community members of the University of Michigan made presentations at the Reckham Amphitheater. Similar to a TED Talk, each of the 8 speakers spoke for 15 minutes on the topic of this year’s colloquium on brands: “Revolutionary Ideas”. Speakers – nominated by V.M. Brands scientists – included experts on a wide range of subjects, from quirks in horror movies to plants and music.

The Scholarship Stamps is an undergraduate scholarship based on merit, which is awarded to students after their admission to one of the 37 partner institutions and includes financial way from the Stamps program and partner universities. At the University of Michigan, Stamps fellows are selected from freshman entrants to on-campus schools and colleges.

Senior Engineer Jensen Hwa, President of UM Stamps Scholars, organized the event, which was attended by about 30 community members. He opened the colloquium by expressing his appreciation for the Stamps Fellowship and the academically diverse community of Stamps scholars with whom he had the opportunity to connect.

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