When Nathan Reynolds graduated from university finished from the University of Michigan in May 2021, he said he looked back at his classmates and realized how few he met. After more than a year completely virtual classes and extracurricular activitiesReynolds said he wants to help prospective students make new friends on campus in time transition get out of the pandemic. So Reynolds tossed his cap in the air and decided to create an app that would do just that. That fall, Double was born.

Dabl Reynolds CEO collaborated with co-founders Adish Shah, a 2021 UM graduate, and 2021 Ithaca College graduate Alex Elkanin, to launch the app in the Apple App Store. After the pilot launch, Reynolds and Elkonin added new features and redesigned the restart program on December 31, 2021.

Dabl is a social networking program where UM students can create a profile and find other students to chat with. The interface shows the physical distance between the user and other Dabl profiles, allowing users to see their closeness to other students. Profiles contain images, key facts – including age, gender identity and academic specialty – and more specific information about user activities, extracurricular activities and hobbies.

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