The Minister of Defense of Ukraine offers money as a peaceful sacrifice to Russian soldiers.

On Facebook and TwitterAlexei Reznikov offered the military 5 million Russian rubles and a full amnesty if they “lay down their weapons and voluntarily surrender to prison.”

5 million rubles is equivalent to about 47 million dollars or 41 million euros.

All you have to do to surrender to Ukraine is to say the word “million”, – said Reznikov on Facebook.

He promised Russian soldiers that if they surrendered, they would be able to talk to their families and start a new life.

Reznikov told Ukrainians and Russians that the Kremlin had turned soldiers “into murderers.”

It is reported that global IT leaders have helped fund compensation to soldiers.

According to Ukrainian leaders, there are between 149,000 and 200,000 Russian troops in the country.

U.S. intelligence estimates that 50 to 60 percent of Russia’s military will not be involved in the initial stages of the attack on Ukraine.

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