У letter Cox, committee chair Benny Thompson, Mississippi, referred to his participation in a virtual event on December 2, 2020 with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who pressured state lawmakers to cancel the election, saying the approval of the results would be.criminal act».


“We would like to better understand these and other statements and events that you have witnessed or participated in, and the communications that we believe you may have had with national, state and local officials about the results of the November 2020 elections.” , – wrote Thompson. request for testimony and documents.

On Tuesday, Cox did not return a voicemail asking for comment from Bridge Michigan.

The congressional committee includes two Republican lawmakers, but both were convicted last week Republican National Committee for Participation.

The panel also sued two other Michigan officials: Republican National Committee Katie Bearden and former Republican Party 14th District Speaker Myra Rodriguez.

Burden and Rodriguez were listed as chair and co-chairs in an unofficial voter document filed with the National Archivist in January 2021.

Current Michigan Republican co-chair Meshon Maddock also signed a fake document and said last month that Trump’s campaign “asked us to do it”.

Attorney General Dana Nessel said fake voters probably broke the law in Michigan, where Democrat President Joe Biden defeated Trump with 154,188 votes. A Senate group led by the Republican Party investigated the election and found out there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

Nessel, a Democrat, did not press charges against alternative voters, but turned the case over to federal authorities.

Burden and Rodriguez did not respond to requests for comment. The Michigan Republican Party is also still refusing to participate.

Republican National Committee Chairman Ron McDaniel, who preceded Cox as chairman of the Michigan State Party and is close to Burden, criticized the Congressional investigation.

“The Committee on January 6, predictably, has now far exceeded its original goal and turned into something completely different, investigating Republicans who had nothing to do before January 6 for the obvious offense of being a Republican,” McDaniel wrote in his article. recent ed.

“According to the Committee’s approach, almost everything related to the 2020 elections is within its jurisdiction, including the persecution of citizens who were not even in Washington that day.”

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, worked with a congressional committee and wrote a letter to members last month detailing “attempts to overthrow voters in Michigan.”

Among other things, Benson noted reports that the draft presidential order, prepared for Trump but never signed, relied on misinformation about Antrim constituency voting machines to justify capturing tables in the states on the battlefield to search for possible fraud.

Internal documents first reported by The Detroit News show that Benson’s office also shared additional information with the committee, including inquiries from Republican candidates. flood the TCF center in Detroit, when election workers counted absentee ballots hours after polls closed. (The TCF Center has since been renamed Huntington Place.)

In early December, Benson’s chief legal counsel sent a letter to the committee from the North Auckland Republican Club on November 4, 2020, instructing activists to travel to Detroit and make sure that “criminals” do not “steal our country.”

Legal notes published by The New York Times and The Washington Post show that Trump’s campaign tried to establish its own list of alternative voters in the states on the battlefield, while lawyers worked to undo Biden’s victory in court, efforts that ended up over.

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