Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Maria Sherran is a 47-year-old mother and home-based teacher. Sharon was able to realize one of his dreams and appear in the 42nd season of CBS “Survivors”.

“It really went from a real fan who loves it, to“ Yeah, I can do it, ”and face my fear,” Sherran said.

She currently lives in Indiana with her husband and two sons. Her hometown is Lansing, Michigan.

“I was born in Chicago, but we moved to Lansing when I was 2 years old,” Sherran said. “I had a lot of experience from K to 12, and then I went and went to Michigan. I’m a Wolverine, a Wolverine who lives in my house. ”

Sharon says support from both Indiana and Michigan makes her extremely emotional.

“The support is humiliating,” Sharon said. “I cried a few times – I don’t know what other people did, but it was very emotional.”

Sharon says her sons are also fans of the show, and in 2019 they had a conversation that eventually led to the filing of a video. However, at that time she would never have competed.

“I want to pause and tell you that I’ve always been a fan, but I never wanted to play because I’m afraid of the outdoors,” Sherran said. “I think at that point, Jeff would have called me in person and said, ‘Would you play?’ I love this show, I want to stay a fan forever, but I don’t want to play. “

In March 2020, her brother died of COVID-19. Although his death was difficult, she remembered his perseverance and courage.

“Two months later I get an email and just an inquiry about my video and about the difference from February to May, I knew it was the worst thing in the world that I could do … but I knew I had to keep doing it,” – she said.

Sharon says this show throws a person a mental and physical challenge.

“I can do whatever I tell myself, and that’s about it,” Sharon said.

She says “Survivor” gave her a chance to put herself first. Its goal is to encourage other mothers and older women to achieve their dreams.

“It’s easy to get lost in motherhood, and our personality becomes children, and there’s room for that,” Sherran said. “Not at the cost of losing myself, I think I fell a little into it. I was just a mom to boys, which is weird to be, but Maria is also a person and I lost that. I can’t speak for all the mothers (but) I did, and I had to dig in and get myself back, and that led me to it. “

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