GRAND REPIDS, MICHIGAN (DRES) – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is holding the first of two free fishing weekends in 2022 this weekend.

“We see this as an opportunity for people who may not have tried fishing before (and may want to just try it, but aren’t sure if they want to buy a license … it’s a great way to go out and try it.” said DNR spokesman John Pippin.

The first free fishing weekend is on February 19 and 20, the second on June 11 and 12.

On weekends, all fishing license fees will be waived, and holiday passports will not be required for two days to allow residents and guests from outside the state to fish in inland and Great Lakes for all kinds of fish.

“The only caveat would be that you are still responsible for complying with all the fisheries rules that apply,” Pippin said.

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