WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Senator Kirsten Gilibrand (DN.Y.) says the U.S. should step up and help victims of trafficking.

“They should not be prevented from rebuilding their lives because of the activities for which they were taken prisoner,” Gillibrand said.

She is pushing two bipartisan bills into the Senate. One bill would abolish convictions of victims of human trafficking for crimes such as prostitution and money laundering.

“It would really allow them to start all over again with a clean slate,” Gilibrand said.

The second would improve victim services, government training and problem tracking techniques.

“Help us identify the best ways to collect data so that we can not only identify patterns, but also eliminate them,” said Gillibrand.

In 2020, nearly 11,000 human trafficking cases were reported in the United States. As the founder’s founder survived MentorsShandra Vovoruntu emphasizes that this can happen to anyone.

“I came here on a work visa. Thus, human trafficking does not see people as educated or uneducated, whether they are immigrants or domestic, it happens to anyone, ”Vavoruntu said.

Republicans agree and say Congress should do everything possible to stop human trafficking and protect victims.

“This is modern slavery in a sense, and we must continue to fight back and fight,” said Senator John Cornin (R-Texas).

Cornin and spokesman Mike Kelly (R-Penn.) Say they support action.

“Why don’t we pay more attention? This is an international problem, and it will require a very serious effort, “Kelly said.

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