Michigan Governor Lt. Garlin Gilchrist, left, choose travel options in different directions, right.

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“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”

Travel guru Eugene Fodar had the right idea when he shared his thoughts on how a vacation can be easy for everyone, regardless of your financial status.

Detroit and the Detroit subway today are unfolding the sophisticated future of Detroit transportation as new alternatives are created that make it easier for city residents, especially colored ones, to travel outside the city.

Traveling while black in the past was a notable luxury provided to Michigan residents, especially decades earlier when it was illegal for them in the late 19th century because of Jim Crow’s laws that barred black people from hotels and eateries. Although such laws did not apply in the north, black tourists were still unable to rest on many beaches, hotels and other facilities due to racism and segregation.

The road that was less driven

The The Green Book of the Negro Motorist, a useful tourist guide for blacks (published from 1936 to 1967) changed everything, as black travelers found safe havens throughout the book, which listed the services and housing where they are happy, including hotels, motels, gas stations, distilleries shops, hairdressers. , taverns, tailors and more. It was published by a black postal worker Victor Hugo Green.

A safe trip to paradise in Michigan for black vacationers was also a must. At the time, what was once described as Black Eden, Idlewild, Michigan, was an exclusively black resort and a respite for black professionals and wealthy people who spent their summer days away from racial segregation and a racial atmosphere awaiting their home. These types of resorts exclusively cater to black vacationers and have reportedly become popular in the north and south of the country.

While the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in all places of public residence – and the law was quickly upheld by the Supreme Court in the case of Heart of Atlanta Motel Inc. against the United States, its impact on transportation and the right to free travel “is not yet fully realized”.

Black motorists are now much more likely than whites to stop and search, get road tickets, and the police treat them disrespectfully (or worse).

Although Jim Crow’s laws no longer apply, discriminatory travel practices still apply, and the right to travel without 100% fear of repercussions is still not a reality for many black travelers.

“Now black motorists are now much more likely than whites to stop and search, get road tickets, and the police treat them disrespectfully (or worse),” DR. Glen S. Altshuler, Thomas and Dorothy Lytvyn, a professor of American studies at Cornell University, said.

“The divided racial geography of the nation remains very intact. There’s no need to travel in time to travel on Black, “said Mia Bay (Professor of American History at the University of Pennsylvania, author of White Image in the Black Mind and co-author of Freedom on My Mind: A History of African Americans with Documents). .

Remove obstacles

35-year-old Evelyn D’Hen of Lansing hopes to change this historical narrative.

As a real estate investor who became an entrepreneur who told the Michigan Chronicle that he was expanding his empire in the world of travel. As the founder of the Findmyrvhome app (like AirBnB, but on wheels), she wants to expand the black people’s travel experience (by the way) by helping them find rental vans that can be taken on vacation or downtime.

Findmyrvhome is a Michigan-based recreational vehicle (RV) company that connects van owners with people who want to rent cars.

With national statistics showing that 46 million Americans planned to travel by car during the pandemic (and 11% of families in the U.S. own a car), D’Hen said she wanted to change the story of black travel at a cheaper rate.

“It gives people the freedom to travel 20-60% cheaper than traditional airfare and hotel fees,” she said, adding that “millennials have made camper vacations very popular.”

“FindMyRVHome will help families who are interested in using a camper for leisure, they don’t need to have it, they can rent it from another person who is not using them at the moment,” she said, adding that it excludes the price of the hotel and airline tickets to get to the vacation spot.

She added that she comes to this space where there are fewer colored people and where white men predominate.

“I knew I needed to set aside a niche for myself,” D’Han said, adding that she is a pioneer in the black business, creating an app that caters to Black RV owners. (I have) a point of view in this … and I want to be widely known as the best place (to go) if you want to relax with a rich cultural landmark ”.

Go to the page for more information https://findmyrvhome.com/.

Dear Detroit

For Detroit residents who want to travel to Toronto by train, they can look no further than Amtrak because it wants to add Detroit to its Toronto train (with a stop in Windsor, Ontario, too) through expanding services, the press release said. . .

Amtrak and Canadian Pacific Railway Limited recently announced an agreement with Amtrak to support the proposed CP-South Kansas City (KCS) railroad combination.

Under the merger proposal, CP has agreed to work with Amtrak to expand its services, which includes adding a Detroit route to Toronto.

The updated route will include passenger service through the Detroit River Tunnel between Michigan and Ontario to Windsor and Toronto (with connection to VIA Rail Canada).

He also plans to increase his frequency by running trains between Chicago and Milwaukee. The agreement between CP and KCS is scheduled to be submitted to the U.S. Land Transportation Council for approval soon.

Leitz Governor Garlin Gilchrist, who has experience in transportation, told the Michigan Chronicle that he knows something about safe, reliable, accessible and convenient public transportation systems, concepts that heads of state are making more sensitive through proposals of 6.3 billion dollars. the state budget to invest in infrastructure and eliminate any inequalities.

“We’re really proud,” Gilchrist said. “There will be a significant number of them that will be used to improve the public transport system.”

Gilchrist added that he is also looking forward to the proposed expansion of trains, as well as millions of federal dollars invested in public transport infrastructure. “This will mean trains that are safe, reliable and affordable. … And so we are committed to making these investments, because we believe it will help demonstrate how strong this region is when it is better connected. ”

  1. Glen S. Altshuler contributed to this report.

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