TIDAL celebrates homegrown artists with new Rising Georgia series

The new TIDAL RISING special series will feature Postman Tom, Lunar Vacation, Sakura and SwaVay

Highlights Atlanta, Georgia as a source of new talent

NEW YORK, November 16, 2022 – Global music and entertainment streaming service TIDAL today announced the release of a special edition of its documentary series TIDAL RISING, which spotlights four new artists from different genres, all from Georgia – Lunar Vacation, Sakura, SwaVay and Tom The Mail Man.

For decades, Georgia has been a melting pot of diverse musical talent that has influenced the music scene across the country and around the world. TIDAL RISING is a program dedicated to empowering up-and-coming artists, and this new documentary series will introduce music fans to Georgia’s local talent and music culture.

Over the next month, all artists participating in the series will receive out-of-home and online marketing and promotional support from TIDAL to help them reach new and existing fans. In downtown Atlanta, each artist will take over a billboard at 75 MLK to attract new and existing local fans.

“I am honored to be chosen as one of the four artists TIDAL has chosen to bring Georgia’s music scene to the world stage,” SuVey said. “Atlanta has been home my whole life and has helped shape my own style and sounds. I hope that others can find inspiration in the culture of this city that we celebrate through this part of TIDAL RISING.”

“TIDAL RISING is artist-first by design, and everything we do is to help artists share their story and showcase their talent to engage fans,” said Jason Kpana, SVP of Artist Relations. and labels TIDAL. “Georgia’s musical legacy spans time and styles, so it was only right that TIDAL pays tribute by partnering with four artists to showcase a range of emerging talent.”

Fans can watch the TIDAL RISING Georgia documentaries on tidal.com/rising.

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