GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. – For 20 years, local advertising specialist Bill McCandry has been hosting a party with another type of Super Cup watch.

“It’s the only Super Bowl party where everyone talks during the game. And we’re absolutely quiet during the commercial, so we can all watch it, ”said McCandry, CEO of HAVEN Creative Hub.

“The Super Bowl is really a promotional Oscar. These are really the best creative people in the world and the biggest budgets that advertising receives, and all this is tonight, ”he added.

In Super Ad Haven, McCandry and a group of people evaluate real-time advertising.

“The goal is to predict by the end of the night that there will be three of the best ads in tomorrow’s USA Today,” he said.

While the pandemic may have limited personal party attendance, it has expanded the event across the country. “We’re attracting people from all over the country and analysts from all over the country, Dallas, Arizona, Chicago, the East Coast, the West Coast, and we’re attracting people live and they’re going to watch commercials with us live and we’re going to analyze ads together “- says McCandry

So which companies killed the landing? Who didn’t have enough? These experts have a clear way of making decisions.

“Advertising experts have different reasons why they love advertising, for example, you deliver your message? You took a position, and you made that very clear in your ad, didn’t you? Where is the average person at home, is this good publicity? Isn’t that right? Do I like it or not? So, to combine the two is very important, ”he explained.

So who took home the top 3 this year? These awards will go to Flaming Hot Doritos Ad, GM’s Doctor Evil Spot and Lay’s Golden Memories.

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