DETROIT – Human-IT creates equal access to opportunity by providing tools, Internet access, digital skills training and technical support for communities left on the wrong side of the digital divide, while enabling businesses and organizations to do good. distracting technology from landfills to protect the global environment.

The company, which manages its location in Detroit from the Focus: HOPE building, believes that access to technology is a right, not a privilege. Digital connectivity with the world allows people to study remotely, apply for jobs, attend telemedicine receptions, connect with a remote family, or learn new ideas and perspectives.

In 2021, the city of Detroit, IT partners and other partners announced a four-month campaign to help close the digital divide for at least 1,000 low-income families, while creating jobs for Detroit and reducing the amount of e-waste sent to district landfills.

In Detroit, up to 40% of student families did not have access to a personal computer or home internet even before a coronavirus pandemic. By turning e-waste into opportunities, human IT is reducing its impact on the environment while creating social benefits.

Since its launch in late 2020, Human-IT has assembled a team of 26 members, 16 of whom are Detroit residents, to promote the inclusion of digital technology through the refurbishment and redevelopment of used electronics. In the first nine months, the nonprofit group recycled nearly 100,000 pounds of e-waste from 20 corporate donors and donated more than 15,000 computers and 7,000 Internet outlets to Detroit households.

Detroit businesses can partner with human IT to recycle and donate technology they no longer need. With a simple phone call, donors can access industry-leading Human-IT IT asset management services. Human-IT organizes the collection of equipment, securely removes sensitive data from devices, updates and updates them, and transfers them to local NGOs and individuals who do not have access to technology. Damaged or broken items are also accepted for end-of-life product disposal. All donations are not taxable.

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