LOVEL, Michigan (WOOD) – The Lowell Police Department said it decided the officer had done nothing wrong in removing two opossums from the middle of the road earlier this week.

Allegations that the officer beat the opossum sparked a firestorm on social media. Lowell Police Department, Massachusetts, had to post asking people to stop mistakenly labeling it due to the situation in Western Michigan. After several reports from viewers News 8 was asked to get video from the officer’s body camera.

Around midnight on Wednesday, an officer inspected a car that had been stopped in the middle of a lane on Alden Nash Avenue. In the video you can hear the driver say that he is disturbed by two opossums on the road, which are not moving.

It is unclear whether the animals were dead, injured or refused to move. The video shows the officer removing them from the road, one with his foot and the other gently grabbing his tail.

The driver who stopped wrote a statement to the officer. The Lowell Police Department said it was investigating the complaint and found no violations. He forwarded the report to the county attorney for independent review.

Lowell police also said there were complaints that the driver had been sworn in. The video shows that this is not the case, although the officer was swearing while talking to the deputy sheriff after the driver left. The agency said that the officer was reprimanded for such language.

“The Lowell Police Department takes all community complaints seriously and investigates them to ensure that we provide fair and responsive services,” the department said in a statement.

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