BEIJING, China – China has accused the United States of “hacking” the China Aerospace and Aviation University, “stealing” important technical data.

US National Security Agency (NSA) cyber warfare unit ‘penetrated and monitored’ unnamed telecom operators, Chinese media Global Times reported on Thursday, citing government sources.

“Hackers from overseas have been caught sending phishing emails containing Trojans to university faculty and students in an attempt to steal their data and personal information,” Northwestern Polytechnic University, China’s key public research university in Xi’an, announced on June 22.

“The attack attempted to encourage teachers and students to click on links in phishing emails with Trojan horse programs, the topics of which are academic assessment, thesis defense and information about foreign travel, in order to obtain their email login details,” the local police said in a statement. . .

The NSA allegedly discovered a “legal” remote access channel to the main data transmission network of some operators to penetrate the US intelligence services and control the country’s infrastructure.

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