COOPER TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN (WOOD) – Two people were arrested after a police chase near Kalamazoo on Monday.

Deputies responded to a report of domestic violence, the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday, but the suspect has already left the scene.

The suspect is wanted on nine active warrants, deputies found: five criminal offenses and three warrants for assault. Authorities said the suspect had fled several law enforcement in Kalamazoo County over the past two months.

When trying to find him at the last known address, deputies saw him in the car. He was tried to be dragged to the town of Cooper, but he escaped, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies say he later failed to drive, hit a light pole and fled on foot. He is said to have been arrested and taken into custody.

According to authorities, his passenger was also arrested on several warrants.

The sheriff’s office identified the two men: Joshua Scott Knipfel, 36, and Aaron James Onil, 36, both from Kalamazoo.

They face a number of charges, including fleeing and fleeing from police and possession of weapons / ammunition, authorities say.

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