Louis XIII is back where he belongs, in the luxurious Grandview Restaurant on Hamilton Mountain in San Jose.

A bottle of cognac – a century-old brandy from Remy Martin worth $ 4,000 – stolen last week from customers, which was recorded on surveillance video, has been returned, restaurant owners said.

They warned the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, which has sought public help in the case, that they do not intend to charge the woman.

“She has decided to perform,” co-owner Maurice Carruba said on Tuesday. “And with everything that’s going on in the world – we have a war, we have a Covid, with everything that everyone’s going through – given that she’s a mother of six who made a bad decision, we decided to give her a second chance.”

He added: “People make mistakes. I returned my bottle. “

And yes, he said, still sealed.

Last week the woman was part of a group of 10 people who dined at a restaurant; Karuba said it was their second visit. With reservations de rigueur in such a restaurant they both booked a large table.

The video from the surveillance cameras shows a woman in a long dress walking around the bar to the wall with bottles, chooses one and keeps it with her. When she turned and walked around the bar, a man joined her. Then they both came out.

The woman herself did not return the cognac; it was returned by someone on her behalf.

According to the sheriff, the woman could be charged with theft on a large scale.

Karuba understands that the restaurant group may face criticism for not calling for the thief to be punished. But, he said, “Maybe it started as a joke” or dare. “What am I going to do, imprison the mother of six children? … I’m just happy that they decided to do the right thing. “

The scene of the theft, the Grandview, is a historic 1884 site located 1,500 feet above the bottom of the Santa Clara Valley. Originally it was a roadside home for those heading to the Lex Observatory, but for decades the place was run as a restaurant by the Chicherelli family. They closed it in 2014, and Carrouba’s brothers, Maurice and Giuseppe, came to the aid of the high-level restaurant by renovating the restaurant and opening it the following year.

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