CHARLOTTE, Michigan (WLNS) – For nearly two decades, John Eggleston worked to lead the Boy Scouts in Charlotte as a scout.

“We opened up for these guys to see that there is a lot more to life outside of their small town,” Eagleston said.

But when he and his team, Squad No. 1108 showed up yesterday to meet near St. Mary’s Church, he noticed something was wrong.

“At some point in the last few weeks, someone decided to go in and take advantage of our Scout trailer, which we kept here. It had all our camping gear and, frankly, for all our ceremonies and everything, our flags, everything. ”

Leaving him and his scouts, feeling confused.

“Complete distrust. I mean, who would have thought that someone would take a scout trailer for one and from the church parking lot.

“I spent my money like money on a tent, stuff like that. He put his own money into the Boy Scout trailer, as if to help fix it, put in new tires, and more, ”said Scout, Keegan Osborne.

While they lost everything they had, it’s also right before they have to settle into camp and become official firefighters at the Nordic Festival next weekend.

“Everything we had in the trailer is what we use for it, everything from our tents to different sleeping bags, all our culinary equipment. There are so many fishing gear that it’s hard to even list them all, ”Eagleston said.

For many years this group served Charlotte. Now the community is starting to help them. Parents say it means everything because this team of scouts means it to their children.

“Donations, friends, my local friends who brought things to my house, and that, to put it mildly, was very sincere,” said Paul Osborne’s father and assistant scout master.

Right now, the troops have a list of Amazon desires that they need. It is said that donations can be transferred to the Church of St. Mary. They are also working on setting up a fundraiser for early March. Below is a link to the wish list.

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