State MP Jewel Jones was sentenced on Thursday to two years probation under the Holmes Young Interns Act after previously pleading guilty to various alcohol, gun and other charges related to a 2021 traffic stop in Livingston County.

Livingston County Judge Michael Hattie said Jones, an Democrat from Inkster, did not deserve more time in prison for his behavior during a chain of events that included a stoppage, breach of duty and an attempt to escape from the county jail in September. 2021

“The point here is that you have broken a number of laws, confessed to it, and you are on your way to being a good citizen. That’s all I ask,” Hattie said. “I set quite a number of conditions for your release after reinstating your bail in 60 days. I think you complied with these court rulings. I think you finally realized that it was not a request but an order. You did that that should have been done and I expect you to do so in the future ”.

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