MECOST DISTRICT, MICHIGAN – The Mekosta County Sheriff’s Office is giving residents a warning about more phone scams making their way across the county.

We were told that fraud had been reported alleging one of the following:

  • Your Paypal account is frozen and you need to click the link to enter your account information.
  • Your Amazon order is scheduled for delivery and contains expensive items that you did not order, and you need to click 1 or click the link to talk to an Amazon employee.
  • Your credit card has been blocked due to suspicious activity, and you need to verify your account information.

If you receive an email or a phone call similar to any of the above scenarios, MPs are asked to hang up and avoid linking.

The sheriff’s office says you only need to talk to representatives if you have started a conversation by calling them on your credit card number or on the organization’s official website.

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