BATTLE CRICK, MICHIGAN (WOOD) – Crews resume search in Battle Creek of Amber Griffin’s body after her boyfriend stopped the trial for his murder, promising to lead police to where he left it.

He pointed to officers at the property on Waubascon Drive near Limit Street. Crews searched there for several hours on Wednesday, but found no remains of Griffin.

“It’s not just how you can come up with an exact place and say that X marks the place right there,” Battle Lieutenant Police Lt. Joel Case said Wednesday, noting that the place looks a little different than when Griffin was last times. seen almost two years ago. “There is a fairly large area that we are actually looking for, so it is a problem just based on the size of the area.”

However, he said, he is “optimistic” that her remains will be found.

Photo by Amber Griffin undated.

GryphonThe 27-year-old mother of two is believed to have been killed on June 23, 2020. Her boyfriend Derek Horton, who lived with her in the town of Bedford near Battle Creek arrested three days later.

Horton and Griffin’s mother reported her disappearance on June 24, 2020. Horton initially told police she simply left their home, but it soon became clear that something had gone wrong.

There are two properties associated with the case. The first is a house on Aneita Street. Police say early June 23 from there Griffin called 911. They also found signs of fighting and blood on all three floors.

The second property is the one on Wabascon, about half a mile from the house on Oneita. There, police found a pair of bloodied women’s pants. Also found key evidence: a receipt from the hardware store for a shovel of $ 8. A photo from surveillance cameras from a hardware store, investigators say, shows Horton buying a shovel on June 23.

Earlier, police unsuccessfully searched the property in Wabascon in search of Griffin’s body.

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