Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Rapid thaws and heavy rain last night caused flooding around mid-Michigan.

Due to the zero temperature tonight it is sure to cause a lot of headaches in the morning.

The vice president of the Fowler Conservation Club says they built a berm around the park to prevent flooding. But on Monday a flood flooded Stony Creek, covering swings and pits with horseshoes underwater for more than a foot.

The club banquet and shooting rain was also full of water. Of the last four cases where the club has been flooded, he says he has never seen how bad it is.

Meanwhile, in Avos, city officials say there are floods around some parts of the city center.
The water rose over the Shiawasi River near Kerwood Castle. Officials blame the flood on the ice jam and also ask people to stay away from river banks and other affected areas.

The Department of Transportation has released photos showing several county and residential roads blocked by high water. The photos show sections of the old farm road and sunset under water. District brigades set up barricades and warning signs around flooded sections of roads all day.

“Constructively, there’s no problem if the ice breaks,” said Dick Pefley of Lansing’s Water and Light Board. The dam is structurally strong. It will not be adversely affected if ice hits it. We will stay aware of it being broken and we will not have any upstream influences ”.

Such a rapid thaw can lead to flooding when large accumulations of ice and debris accumulate.

The BWL said it would monitor the situation.

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