Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Today, a nonprofit in mid-Michigan helped some high school students say the free “perfect” prom dress for free. This is the second distribution of graduation dresses from the organization this year.

Dozens of girls had the opportunity to walk on “Cinderella’s Paw” and look for shelves filled with dresses of different styles, colors and sizes. These girls were on the hunt and some went home with their perfect dress.

Yellow, pink, blue, red and purple are just a few of the colors that girls like Jade Tolm should choose from to find the right dress for a special day.

“It’s like oh, I’m going to prom, that’s all,” Jade said.

Jade’s mom, Teresa, wanted to make her daughter’s prom special, but the financial burden was too great.

“Now with the prices of everything I have a hard time financially,” – said Teresa.

This is what led them to the nonprofit organization Ever After Opportunities. This fulfilled Jade’s desire for the perfect dress and mom’s desire for an affordable dress.

“It means a lot to me because I’m excited and it just makes me happy,” Jade said.

Ever After Opportunities is an organization that serves young people in mid-Michigan by offering life skills classes and community mentoring.

“My vision is to reach out to every child and always give them a chance,” Iskra Peterson said.

Peterson is president of the nonprofit. She says getting a prom dress shouldn’t break the bank.

“I feel like no child needs to worry about finances for graduation,” Peterson said.

Linda Cooper raised her three granddaughters herself and says the event is a saving grace.

“It’s really the best I can afford,” Linda said.

Her granddaughter Diamond says it makes all the difference.

“This event is very useful for me, I am very grateful to her for helping me choose a dress,” said Diamond.

Cooper says that with this new prom dress her granddaughter will be remembered.

“For her to choose a dress she would be very happy with and a smile on her face is good,” Linda said.

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