Bridge Michigan invites readers to join us from 12:00 to 13:00 on March 9 for a discussion in Zoom about invasive species in the Great Lakes. At this hour, we will review recent developments in the fight against invasive species, including new efforts to prevent Asian carp in the lake. Experts will give an overview of what is happening now with the invasions in the Great Lakes, from quagga mussels to “stone snot”, and discuss possible ways of further development.

Bridge Michigan environmental journalist Kelly House will moderate a discussion with Peter Alsip, an environmental modeling analyst at the University of Michigan Great Lakes Cooperative Research Institute; Dr. Rachel Stertavant, Head of the NOAA Program Information system on aquatic non-native species of the Great Lakes; and Doug Craven, director of the Department of Natural Resources A small traverse bay group of the Odawa Indians.

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