(NEXSTAR) – Mori Povic’s drama-filled daytime talk show ends after 31 seasons, NBCUniversal confirms several outlets.

The latest new series of “Moors” will air in September 2022.

Povich told Variety he was ready to retire six years ago, but continued to create the show “because of my loyalty to NBCUniversal and my more than 100 employees and crew”.

“I am very proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and everyone who has worked on the Mowry show, but from time to time I tell my guests on the Mowry:‘ Enough already! ’” The presenter said.

“Seas” has been syndicated nationally for 24 seasons of NBC. Prior to that, when it was called “The Sea of ​​Povic Show,” it was a seven-season syndicated Paramount, according to Variety.

TODAY reports that Povic, 83, is the longest-running daytime talk show host on television.

The play is best known for its outrageous family and family drama. In his show, Powic acts as a mediator in heated debates between unfaithful couples and advises parents of frantic teenagers – all while the studio’s live audience greets or cheers. “Mori” was so famous for its parenting testing that the recurring segment inspired the creation of a spin-off board game called “You’re Not a Father”.

Even after the release of the latest new episodes, reruns will continue, according to NBC.

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