Detroit Lyons have reportedly agreed to extend a new contract with center-right Evan Brown.

According to the NFL Network, the deal is a one-year contract extension for the talented 25-year-old striker.

Additional terms were not yet available.

After central Frank Ragnow was lost during the season due to a finger injury, Brown took a great spot and won the respect of teammates, coaching staff and a friend’s office.

Shortly after Ragnau was injured, Brown played 60 shots against the Chicago Bears in 4 weeks, and the offensive line missed a single shot.

“I thought he played well,” said Lions coach Dan Campbell. “I thought he was solid. I thought he came in and really didn’t miss a single hit. In fact, there were only a few plays that, I know, he would like to return, but I thought he went and did a good job. “

Brown, who will enter his fifth NFL season in 2022, has entered the league as an undefeated free agent with SMU.

“Evan is a very, very, very, very smart guy. He’s a very smart dude, “teammate John Jackson told reporters. “He knows the ball, he knows what’s going on, and he knows how to identify everything, to handle things quickly. So when it comes to this aspect of the game, it’s not much of a drop. “

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