Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Lansing Brewing Company is a staple in the community. They are constantly renting out their venue for events.

But recently, the fundraiser, which was touted as a “MAGA mixer,” received a serious reaction.

Ashley Moore lives in East Lansing, and Lansing Brewery is a place close to home.

“My friends and I really enjoy going there, especially in the summer it’s a lot of fun to play carnhall and drink beer, it’s one of those standard places we always love to go,” she said.

The other day she was scrolling through social networks and came across a “MAGA mixer”, which said that the venue will be the Lansing Brewing Company.

“When I saw it, I was just really disappointed,” Moore said.

The event was scheduled for March 26, and Moore was not the only one to speak out against it.

The Lansing Brewing Company saw a reaction and initially stated that it was not involved in politics and they were only there to serve beer.

“I think a lot of people don’t want to support a business that supports people who oppose such diversity,” Moore said.

In the end, the Lansing Brewing Company decided they were going to cancel the event, saying: “After learning more about the mixer for attendees booked at our stock house 3/26, this event can no longer be held in our space, it has been canceled ».

While some were happy with the decision not to hold the event at the Lansing Brewing Company, the organizers were not.

They said the decision was made because of the culture of cancellation.

They declined to be interviewed on camera, but a leaflet at the event said its goal was to give all Trump-backed candidates a forum to explain why their values ​​are in line with former President Trump’s “America First” principles.

Organizers were disappointed with the Lansing Brewing Company, but said the event would not be canceled altogether.

6 News contacted the Lansing Brewing Company and they declined to comment and said that if they had more information, they would contact themselves.

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