Jonathan Jones killed 4-year-old Ivy Jurkus by punching or kicking her in the abdomen so hard that she cut a large vein and she bled for hours, Assistant Macomb County Attorney General said Tuesday.

Assistant Attorney General Gene Cloud asked Macombo District Jury to find Jones guilty of first-degree murder and child abuse for fatally stabbing Ivy in the stomach in May 2017 in the laundry of their home in Rosville when he was under Jones’ custody. She died 14 hours after arriving at the hospital.

“These damages were not caused by any mysterious accident,” she said in her closing remarks. “She was killed by deliberate and deliberate blows to the body.”

Ivy Yurkus

Cloud denied Jones’ attorneys, who claimed the injuries were accidental and Ivy’s death was the result of gradual bleeding over several days.

“It has never been slow bleeding for three to five days. The evidence in no way, neither in form nor in form, shows that it was ever slow bleeding when she was walking normally, ”she said. “Why then, when she got to the hospital, it wasn’t a slow bleed because she kept … losing as much blood as they could pump into her?”

More than two hours of closing arguments passed before Judge Catherine Viviana after an eight-day trial. The jury will begin its meeting on Wednesday.

Cloud noted that three doctors testified allegations that the injuries were inflicted shortly before Ivy’s death.

She said Jones took revenge on Ivy for what she told her mother, Amanda Jurkus, who was his girlfriend who lived, that Jones physically punished her for indecent behavior. Cloud suggested that Amanda Jurkus, who had previously told Jones never to touch Ivy, “lit it up” while he drove her to work at a nearby restaurant. Jones drove Ivy and two other children to their home on Galloway Street and punished Ivy, Cloud said.

“He goes straight into this house,” she said. “He doesn’t even unpack the baby (another baby) before taking Ivy to that laundry to reprimand her for telling Mom, ‘Dad yelled at me.’ Dad hit me in the stomach. ” That’s what makes sense. That’s what happened. That’s what the evidence shows. “

Jonathan Jones, daily photo from MACOMB

Jones delivered Ivy unanswered to work with Amanda Jurkus between 5 and 5:30 p.m., May 3rd. Ivy was taken by ambulance to St. John Ascension Hospital in Detroit shortly before 6pm and she died around 8am on 4 May.

Forensic evidence and autopsy photos also revealed alleged previous abuses by Ivy. Ivy had 19 external bruises on her back, buttocks, face and groin, which the prosecution claimed was evidence of ongoing abuse.

In June 2016, Ivy was hospitalized after she did not respond, but there was no determination as to what caused her health problems.

On behalf of Jones, attorney Nicole Castka told the jury that the prosecution had failed to prove its indirect case against her client.

“After all, ladies and gentlemen, we don’t know when these injuries occurred,” she said. “No one, no one can tell us 100% sure what happened.

“We have speculation. The facts do not support their theory. “

Attorney Nicole Castko, representing Jonathan Jones, addressed the jury on Tuesday in a closing statement at the trial for the murder of Jones in Macomb County District Court in connection with the death of 4-year-old Ivy Jurkus of Rosville. MACOMB DAILY PHOTO / JAMESON COOK

Kostya claimed that Ivy’s older brother could have accidentally inflicted bodily harm if they “drilled”.

“We know they were rude at times,” she said. In fact, her brother had to be picked up from home for the first year after Ivy’s birth because he had injured her, she noted.

“But they are still unfit. Ivy was in it with him, ”she said.

She claimed that Ivy’s injuries could have been the result of one of a series of accidental accidents in the week before her death, such as jumping out of bed and falling on a rocking horse six days ago when she was beaten by her brother’s bicycle. five days before that. or was injured at a birthday party on Saturday before she was hospitalized the following Wednesday. The two siblings often waged “sword fights with sticks,” she said.

She noted that Ivy complained of stomach pain on Saturday, four days before hospitalization, after a birthday party where she jumped on a trampoline and hit a piñata; she vomited on Sunday.

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