A federal judge has ordered Walmart to pay more than $ 50,000 in wages to a woman with Down Syndrome after she won a disability discrimination lawsuit that followed her dismissal from a Walmart store in Wisconsin. The judge also ordered Walmart to hire her immediately.

How This was reported by CNBC, Walmart said he would follow the judge’s orders and that the woman would be hired again. Walmart has confirmed that it has not decided whether to appeal the decision on the debt, as well as on compensation to the jury in the amount of $ 300,000.

A statement from the company said: “We take the support of all our allies seriously and receive thousands of people with disabilities every year.”

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has asked to pay more attention to the country’s largest employer, but a judge denied the request after more than five years of litigation between the EEOC and Walmart. The agency sued Walmart, representing Marla Spet, who accused the retail giant of refusing to accept her disability and then fired her after she worked for the company for nearly 16 years at one of its superpowers in Wisconsin, CNBC reports.

The judge wrote in the ruling: “The grave verdict against Walmart and the advertising it has caused serve as a strong deterrent to any repetition of the conduct in question in this case.”

The judge further said the decision “creates a strong incentive for Walmart to ensure that requests for smart devices are adequately addressed without judicial oversight by the Walmart administration and compliance with its policies and procedures.”

As reported by CNBC, Speite said she found it difficult to adapt to the new mode of operation, which was changed in 2014 when the store began using a computerized scheduling system. She said she was worried she would miss dinner or not be able to get on the bus. She said she is often forced to go to work early. Her family has repeatedly asked to change her schedule. Walmart fired her following these inquiries according to the details of the case.

Spet’s sister, Amy Joe Stevenson, said the test was “nothing short of traumatic.”

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