GRAND HAVEN, Michigan, is awarded by the Grand Haven Community Foundation (GHACF). Ottawa Square ISD a $ 12,500 grant from the GHACF Youth Foundation.

The grant money will fill the online bike Reading Now Book Bike with free children’s books to be distributed during the Coast Guard Parade in Grand Haven in 2022.

Ottawa Area ISD in partnership with Scholastic bought nearly 4,000 books on grant money.

ISD grant in the Ottawa area

“The GHACF grant supported the initial purchase of Book Bike, and we are excited to receive another generous grant to fill Bok Bike with summer reading material for children.

“We donated all our books before the end of the parade last year and are excited to have a much larger stock to hopefully give the book to every child who wants it,” said Michelle Reddy, director of communications and integration. OAISD marketing.

ISD grant in the Ottawa area

ISD grant in the Ottawa area

The Coast Guard parade in Grand Haven in 2022 will take place on Saturday, August 6th.

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