Jeffrey Bennett is a senior air quality engineer at Enbridge Energy. He called the analysis of environmentalists “defective.” An expert on the pipeline company said they underestimated the capacity of pipeline systems in Canada and the U.S., and he said they overestimated the cost of rail transportation. The company’s analysis shows that the impact on oil prices will be negligible. He said this meant that environmentalists’ predictions of reduced consumption – and reduced emissions – were wrong.

The only thing they agreed on was that transporting crude oil by rail would result in more greenhouse gases being emitted by trains, although their estimates varied widely.

In an email, Bridge and Michigan Radio Enbridge Energy said in part:

“Compared to alternatives to cargo, rail or lake barges, pipelines are the safest mode of transportation to move fuel. Pipelines have lower emissions, are more reliable and affordable. The location of the pipeline in the Great Lakes tunnel also better protects the Great Lakes in the long run. ”

It also showed that the tunnel will provide long-term energy reliability for Michigan.

Another expert said it was a larger-scale problem.

Jonathan Overpeck is Dean of the University of Michigan School of Environmental and Sustainable Development. He is one of the Nobel Prize winners, author of the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“The amount of fossil fuel being transported through this pipeline in this tunnel will be huge. And that’s the equivalent of a few coal-fired power plants a year. And the losses from climate change associated with this will amount to billions of dollars a year, ”he said.

Overpeck noted that increasingly extreme storms are flooding Detroit’s neighborhoods, damaging crops, tourism and health in Michigan, and causing dam failures in the Midlands.

He said line 5 exceeds the planned service life. He was knocked down and damaged by anchors. He added that this is a dangerous threat of oil spills in the Great Lakes. He believes that it should be closed and not build a tunnel under the straits.

“It doesn’t make sense to spend money, investments that we, as consumers, will have to pay to build this infrastructure, which will, in fact, lead to even greater costs associated with climate change.”

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