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Written by Charanda Smith, Black Information Network

Legislators in the House of Representatives held a landmark vote on Friday (March 18th) passed the Crown Actwhich prohibits racial grounds hair discrimination at work, at school, etc.

The The law of creating a respectful and open world for natural hair passed by 235 votes to 189, and only 14 Republicans supported the bill. Account failed last month after Democrats put the law to an accelerated vote, which is commonly used for legislation that is not considered controversial.

Proponents of the bill have relentlessly argued this a ban on hair discrimination is necessary for black people which is too often said that our hairstyles are “unprofessional”.

“For too long, black girls have been discriminated against and criminalized for the hair that grows on our heads and the way we move and appear in this world,” the rapper said. Ayana Presley the statement said.

A 2019 JOY Team Research has shown that black women 80% more often feel that needs to change their natural hair should be taken to their workplace.

Several The lawsuits referred to this form of discriminationincluding The 2013 lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which said the Alabama insurance company wrongfully denied black Chesitie Jones a job because she did not allow fixation in accordance with her policy and said she would have to cut them to hire her.

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