GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN. – When you go to the Find Discount Retail Store, you will notice everything little by little, from clothes to shoes to household goods and toys.

But this week you can purchase a special sale in the clothing section. Price? One you can’t beat: it all costs just $ 1.

“Then we encourage our customers to come and buy our clothes, and it’s all brand new clothes,” says owner Becky Freeman. “But then we encourage our customers to make donations as well.”

This donation will go to every women’s shelter and homeless program at Grand Haven Area Public School.

“So in both programs, mostly when someone comes into the program, they have nothing; they mostly have clothes that are on their backs, or, you know, things they can carry with them, ”Freeman says. “So everything from personal hygiene items to things you need for your daily existence.”

Customers can buy items of clothing for $ 1 and put them in a donation box, or they can simply donate cash for the benefit of each program.

A week-long sale called Jackie’s Drive was inspired by her mother-in-law Jackie Williams, who wanted to donate money instead of buying at last week’s sale and urged Becky to return her to the women’s shelter. Becky’s mom, Michelle Warner, joined her, creating a domino effect from donations from friends and family.

“So the traffic and the lips that spread it were really phenomenal,” Freeman says.

Customers like Megan Rollins have heard of sales on social media.

“I saw the post on Facebook,” Rollins recalls, “so I thought I’d come in and see what I could donate and take some things for myself and my family.”

And dollar deals were the main bonus.

“The price is incredible – $ 1 for brand new clothes,” says Rollins. “And so it’s a great way to donate new clothes to people who need something new and fresh for themselves and hopefully getting one that will make them feel good and know that they are part of the community and that the community cares about everyone, even during the struggle. “

The Find only works for about four weeks. Although they do not sell used clothes, they accept donations to take to shelters themselves. Whether it’s hygiene products or clothing, the business also plans to match every donation.

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