Provided by the founders of Brewing Co.

The founders of Brewing Co. recently received numerous awards for their craft beer marketing efforts.

Craft Beer Marketing Awards 2022 (CBMA) Pears The winners were honored at a virtual award ceremony Facebook Live and on stage at the Craft Brewers Conference, held May 2-5 in Minneapolis.

Founded in 2019, CBMAs it is a global competition that honors excellence in the artistic and creative marketing and packaging of breweries, designers and agencies serving the craft beer retail market.

“We were so impressed with the creativity, innovation and caliber of marketing shown in the records from around the world in each category,” said Jim McCoon, co-founder of CBMA. “More than 500 judges from around the world have done their job this year, criticizing nearly 40 categories for each of the world’s five regions.”

A total of 250 awards were presented, including 89 platinum Crushie winners, 135 Crushie gold winners and 26 world Crushie winners.

The founders received nine awards in eight nominations:

  • Best brand design / unique logo design – gold Crushie for his Bottle Shop series
  • Best Beer Brand / Release Calendars – dam Crushie for the Founders brand calendar
  • Best Original Video / Series – dam Admiration for him Educational series of founders
  • Best brand identity / use of a badge or mascot in a logo or branding – gold Crushie for the series for the whole day (Woody Wagon)
  • The best typography of the brand / logo – gold Crushie for baby panthers
  • Best use of social media / shared content and aesthetics – dam Pears, global Pears
  • The best use of social networks / The best use of video (IG, IGTV, TikTok) – gold Pears
  • Beer Marketing Wild Cards / The most creative signs, POS, accessories for breweries – gold Crushie for an all-day IPA snowboard

All winning works can be viewed at the CBMA 2022 Winners Gallery.