NETHERLANDS, MICHIGAN (WOOD) – Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has reached an agreement with a Dutch pharmacy and three others in the state who are accused of raising the price of test kits for COVID-19.

The Attorney General issued a notice of intent in February. It claimed that Skip’s pharmacy in the Netherlands sold express tests more than twice the retail price.

The rest of the pharmacy tests agreed to sell for $ 12.99, the report said Monday.

Businesses will also pay $ 100 to two applicants and $ 1,000 in restitution to customers who prove they purchased a test kit at an expensive price between December 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022 at one of the pharmacies.

“We have worked with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office to resolve this issue, and we are pleased to reach a voluntary agreement,” Skip’s owner Murali Ginjupali said in a statement. “It is important to note that our pharmacies provided tests for COVID-19 at a critical time in the midst of the amicron surge. At this point, tests were lacking, and our prices reflected this – much as the current rise in gas prices reflects uncertainty in the distribution and availability of fuel. The tests we bought and then sold allowed us to continue living, allowing people to go to work, children to go to school and families to get together – all safe thanks to the available test. “

To apply for compensation, go to Michigan Attorney General’s website and file a complaint for 60 days.

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