The Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) refinery in Detroit recently announced the hiring of Chris Obshire as the new Chief Environmental Officer.

Abshire has extensive experience in enforcing environmental legislation, both in the oil industry and in government with the West Virginia Air Quality Authority.

“When we were looking for the right candidate for the position, we knew it had to be a person with a deep understanding of environmental regulations as well as real experience and know-how to make sure those rules were followed.” said Dave Liver, director of the refinery. “We’re excited to have someone with Chris’ skills so we can work in the cleanest way possible for the benefit of our team and our district in Detroit.”

Extender began his career in the Air Quality Office in the West Virginia Department of the Environment, and since then he has worked to ensure environmental conservation in increasingly important roles in some of the largest companies in the oil industry in both environmental conservation and engineering engineering. . .

“I admire my work because I understand the importance of ensuring maximum clean work. We are talking not only about the health and safety of the people who work at our company, but also about the health and safety of our families, and especially our neighbors in southwest Detroit, ”said Abshire. “I look forward to the opportunity to use my expertise to help the Detroit Refinery Marathon continue to achieve great success when it comes to the environment.”

Improvements to Marathon’s facilities have led to an 80 percent reduction in emissions over the past 20 years, including a 10 percent over the past five years. Marathon is collaborating with the Wildlife Council, an organization dedicated to helping restore biodiversity in urban areas for the restoration and sustainability of green spaces in 48217, particularly in the Oakwood Heights and Boynton areas. The development of these green spaces will create a buffer zone around industrial facilities and I-75 in the neighborhood to improve the environment and air quality in southwest Detroit.

The area will be responsible for ensuring that Marathon Detroit Refinery’s activities comply with or exceed all federal, state and local environmental standards, and for identifying ways to continually improve Marathon Detroit NF’s environmental performance.

Extended received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of West Virginia Institute of Technology. More information is available at

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